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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  February 19, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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she broke free when she noticed her captors had left a door open. yesterday, the woman made it out and got help. now, base on the woman's story a s.w.a.t. team was sent to the house today. several people have been detained and detectives are still on scene. we have a crew on the way, as well. we'll have more on the story as it comes in. >> thank you. now to some developing news. two people arrested in connection with a shooting death of a south bay security guard. kpix 5's betty yu is in san jose where that shooting happened. betty. >> reporter: ken, san jose police are confirming they have arrested two men in the shooting death of manny zuniga but aren't say more about the suspects at this time. inside the a robbery happened next door at the liquor store on north capital on saturday night. take a look at the surveillance video. you will notice two men walking into this liquor store. according to the owner, they
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buy a bottle of alcohol and then leave. then one of them comes back and he swipes a box of swishers cigars right off the counter. now, he tripped as he runs off. but eventually he makes it to his getaway car. now, manny takes notice of this commotion of this crime according to his partner. he is shot to death by someone in the car and he shielded his partner from a hail of gunfire and essentially saved his life his partner, that is. san jose police haven't said whether the men they arrested are the same ones that you just saw in the security video. we don't have their names or photos at this time. but out here at the crime scene, you can still see plenty of signs, candles from the memorial still burning at this time. a lot of people upset that manny died trying to do the right thing. but again, san jose police announced that they have
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arrested two people in the shooting death of manny zuniga. live in east san jose, betty yu kpix 5. piece by piece the old bay bridge is coming down but tonight talk of a new plan for demlation. right now it could be years before the bridge is completely dismantled. mike sugerman joins us now live from yerba buena island with a new proposal that could actually speed up the process. >> reporter: veronica, it didn't work at candlestick because the neighbors complained about it but could it be that the old bay bridge will come down via implosion? no neighbors here like candlestick -- well, there are fish. and, in fact, that is the concern what they are talking about has never been done before on a scale this size in the history of engineering. >> we are looking at every aspect of every possibility. >> reporter: currently they are taking down the bridge the opposite way they built it from the top down. 58,000 tons of steel, quarter
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million pounds of concrete. some of which is below the water. >> we're looking at controlled charges, hundreds of very small controlled charges. they would be placed around the pier at the floor of the bay. it's peer e3 one east of yerba buena island the largest base here. nothing like this has been done before on such a large-scale an implosion under water. caltrans says it could be the cheapest and most environmentally-friendly friendly way to do it. >> it appears to be the quickest most efficient least impactful process to the environment. >> reporter: it's a crude idea of what it might look like. what's left of the roadway will be removed the implosion will get rid of the pier and debris will collapse into a hole made by other charges in the ground. traditionally engineers put a big metal scoop around under
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water piers drain out the water and lower work crews with big power tools to knock the thing down. >> there are serious concerns such as potential mortality to fish and wildlife, release of debris into the water column as well as toxic pollutants along the bay floor. san francisco bay keepers obviously concerned. >> reporter: caltrans has reached out to bay keeper and other environmental groups to keep them in the loop. i said half price. that would be $12 million as opposed to $25 million. but there is a long way to go. a lot of agencies and groups have to sign off on this. reporting from yerba buena island, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> mike mentioned it a while ago. there is some big progress in the demolition of candlestick park. take a look. yeah, crews began tearing down the exterior, huge excavators destroying the outside of the stadium. the inside is almost entirely gutted.
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piece by piece, it's all coming down. and about three months, more than 50 years of memories will be reduced to rubble. and a housing development retail shops will be built on that site. word tonight a settlement in the long running port dispute could be close. doug sovern from kcbs has been told there is only one issue still separating the two sides. it has to do with the arbitrator position. right now, that person is appointed for life which management wants. but the union says that's wrong. it says both sides should be able to replace the arbitrator every time a new contract is negotiated. new at 6:00, urban sprawl in the suburbs. neighbors worry a plan for new homes will turn their peace and quiet into a noisy mess. they have a loud message for the city of san ramon: not in their backyard. the city is already going through with one big project that faced fierce opposition. now there is another one on the table. da lin tells us neighbors are
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digging in for another fight. da? >> reporter: that's right. many neighbors are still licking their wounds from the last defeat. now they have a new fight. this open space is the latest and newest battleground developers want to put 200 new homes and apartments right here. it's a picture-perfect day in bollinger canyon. wild turkeys running, deer grazing and people jogging. >> peaceful and there's not a lot of traffic. >> reporter: but this open space could soon lose its serenity. two developers who already own these 200 acres want to build 50 single-family homes a 100- unit senior living complex and 50 condos. san ramon city planners mailed out a notice to neighbors recently. >> they are making it look like san francisco. >> reporter: larry lives and owns land next to the site. >> six generations. >> reporter: he is fed up. >> it will open this canyon up and we're one of the last frontiers here in contra costa
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county. >> reporter: other neighbors like dale williams are mobilizing to stop the latest development. his backyard overlooks the proposed project. >> i can't object to growth but i can object to senseless growth eliminating open area to get there. and not improving the highways. >> reporter: he and his neighbors recently lost a fight to stop 740 homes from being built right across from the current battleground. >> you get frustrated with the last batsle. you come in it too late, they have their ducks in order. we don't. now is the time to say, let's show 'em what we can do as a community. >> reporter: he says a victory now is a win for his community. >> eliminate parks? right next to this beautiful open area? >> that takes away from the beauty if you put too many homes out here. >> reporter: many neighbors say they just want to preserve the quality of life here. they say they don't want to turn into bigger towns like
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fremont which some here call freak-mont. live in san ramon, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> some san ramon city leaders agree that 200 houses and apartments would be too many for the site. they asked the developers to scale down the project. san francisco's wells fargo museum is again welcoming visitors after a brazen gold heist. the suspects rammed the car through the building last month. they held a security guard at gunpoint and they stole historic gold nuggets. the thieves made off with about $10,000 worth of gold. and no arrests have been made. the lunar new year starts today and san francisco's streets were flooded with festivities. kpix 5's anne makovec joined thousands kicking off the year of the ram. >> reporter: three rams ushered in their namesake lunar year in san francisco's chinatown, three for extra good luck. mayor ed lee led the annual procession through chinatown which included a horse, the animal symbol of the lunar year
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that just came to an end. >> whatever happened last year that is nice, it will be nicer this year. whatever happened last year that was not so good will this year will bring you lots of good. >> reporter: firecrackers are traditionally lit to ward off bad spirits during the celebration which is based on the ancient chinese lunar calendar falling on the second new moon after winter solstice somewhere between january 21 and february 20. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> at pier 39 the world famous white crane dancers performed a traditional lion dance. the main event the chinese new year parade set for saturday march 7. >> you're going to do a little dancing? >> i cruise down to chinatown every now and then, absolutely. still ahead a creative solution tort bay area's housing crisis. how one -- to the bay area's housing crisis. how one man is creating tiny
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living spaces. >> blacklisted from uber? we uncover how drivers are rating you and why you may be left waiting. >> weather pattern is screaming july, not february. over my shoulder is a marine layer. for the fourth straight evening it's moving into san francisco bay. we'll talk about how long it sticks around and we are getting mixed messages about the long-range outlook. will it rain
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female announcer: through sunday, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. and of course, free same-day delivery. but hurry! sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. a solution to the bay area's housing crisis could be inside a man's garage. new at 6:00 john ramos shows us his vision that requires only 64 square feet of living space. >> reporter: most people don't think there's any more room to build new houses in san francisco. but that's only because they won't think outside the box or in this case inside the box.
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tim mccormack is building a house inside his friend's garage. it won't exactly be roomy but it will make a points about how much living space we actually need. and he begins with the standard city parking space. >> maybe if you develop building methods which center on that and use that as a unit, that would open up a lot of possibilities. >> reporter: the former software project manager creates what he calls a houselet out of commonly available steel posts. just like an erector set, it becomes an 8-foot cube that can be sided and roofed and when combined with another is about the size of a parking space. >> it's not so much tiny units. it's more tiny modules which can be put together in different sizes. >> reporter: mccormack's idea is more of a concept than an actual product. he believes we need to rethink the 2,000-square-foot home with two-car garage. and use vacant city space to give people the affordable
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option of living small. >> why are we talking about a crisis, i see all this land. >> reporter: he sees city regulation as biggest obstacle to change but he would like to begin the conversation. he believes there would be plenty of room in the big city if we're willing to downsize our idea of what a house should be. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> his idea is a finalist in a national grant competition focusing on urban innovation. he is asking for $40,000 to build a finished prototype of his design. bay area home sales plummeted to their lowest level for january in seven years. dataquick says the sales fell by 5.5%. not a big surprise since home sales tend to cool off in the winter months. but at the same time, the median home price went up. it's now $572,000. a 9% increase from january 2014. a luxury apartment complex that made headlines with its
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poor door is taking applications from low income renters. most of the condos in the new york city building are worth millions but it also has units for low income tenants and they have a separate entrance on the side of the building. don't have access to the same perks. some are slamming the practice as income segregation. a historic estate in woodside could be about to lose hundreds of volunteers. about 1300 people give their time at the estate doing everything from taking tickets to maintaining the gardens. now the management has told the volunteers they must sign a liability waiver by the first of march. if they don't, they can't work. >> this document which is called a volunteer release contained a statement which said that it was being voluntarily signed and that there was no duress. well, there was duress, but clearly if you didn't sign it you couldn't stay there. >> there's a no comment on all
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of this from management. super bowl 50 less than a year away. the preparations have started and so have the money making opportunities. as elizabeth cook shows us, a lot of bay area entrepreneurs are looking to score some business as we march toward the big game. >> today i am here to look for opportunities for event planning. >> reporter: today the super bowl 50 host committee was looking to fill out its roster. >> i'm an electrical contractor. >> i'm a consultant. we provide data, voice and video infrastructure. >> reporter: they all showed up to learn more about the business connect program, which aims to increase opportunities for minority-owned businesses. >> audio,. >> reporter: if selected they could land super bowl contracts. not unlike the catering company that laid out the spread for today's event. it's a program that scored big points at super bowl xlix. >> they selected us to do hispanic outreach. >> reporter: lisa runs a
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phoenix area communications company. she says the program was more than just a good contract. >> this has been a tremendous opportunity for our business. we have been able to interface with all these major corporations from across the nation and internationally and showcase the work that we do. >> i agree with the networking aspects of it. it leads to more work and bigger things. >> reporter: that was the hope as cards changed hands in oakland today. the opportunity to turn super bowl 50 into a business game changer. >> absolutely. the opportunity is -- is -- is a lot of times probably be much greater than just the event itself. >> it's fantastic and i would love to be part of it. >> hey, you know what? it's the super bowl, right? [ laughter ] >> reporter: elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> and this is the first year that the program will include disabled veterans and the lgbt
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community. the application period closes on april 30. the most visited place in the national park system is the golden gate national recreational area. there are more than 15 million visits to the area last year. that's a million more than the number 2 site the blue ridge parkway which stretches through virginia and north carolina. time now for a look at a forecast. chief meteorologist paul deanno at treasure island with the mobile weather lab. paul? >> reporter: mm-hm. and the mobile weather lab says 55 degrees right now of it's chilly but not the standard february chilly where, hey, it's winter, it's chilly outside. this is summertime chilly. the wind is coming right to my back coming through the golden gate and we are getting a beautiful silhouette right now of alcatraz a great shot there with the marine layer. right behind it you bet new 10 minutes we won't even see alcatraz but in the foreground we have the island and a heck of a july pattern smack in the middle of february. when the sun did come out, we did warm up. oakland you made it to 67.
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morgan hill, san jose, hayward, 65 or 66. napa 65 degrees. san francisco officially 64. but we're falling rapidly this evening as the clouds roll back in. microclimate forecast treasure island, different weather tomorrow. it will be warmer with less of that cloud cover. mainly sunny 67 on friday. mainly sunny 65 on saturday. we have the 100th anniversary of the pan-pacific exposition, 100 years ago in san francisco. there will be an exhibit there this weekend in the city. saturday partly cloudy skies, 65 degrees. so the mild trend continues on saturday. here's why. there's a ridge of high pressure building in. as it builds to our north, the winds will begin to come from the north drying things out less of the ocean influence giving us milder weather friday and saturday before modified arctic air will cool us down sunday. highs tomorrow 70 concord, minimal morning cloud cover for redwood city high 68.
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napa 72. oakland 67. livermore tomorro 69. looking at long-range outbreaks, the 8 to 14-day outbreak the end of february beginning of march saying still wetter than average but a new outlook came out today for the entire month of march, and it says it's going to be drier than average. let's get the rain while we get it and looks like two weekends from now we may see some rain. so pick your poison, right? >> even the experts can't figure it out. all right, it's a mystery. >> it's beautiful though. >> reporter: it's a long way away so things can change. >> thanks, paul. a south bay city is dealing with an unusual problem tonight. too many restaurants. what?! new at 6:00, kpix 5's len
6:21 pm
ramirez on why campbell's booming dining scene may be too much of a good thing. >> reporter: the streets of downtown campbell look peaceful enough but there's a battle brewing over the future of this suddenly red-hot business district. it's pitting long-time retailers -- >> right now i think it's overrun with restaurants and pubs. >> reporter: -- against a new wave of up start restaurants. >> a lot of jobs. >> reporter: struggling for a solution is the city council, which is looking at an unusual idea to strike a balance. >> the issue is, not that we have too many restaurants but we think some of us on council that maybe we have about enough. >> reporter: the vice mayor says downtown is currently about 40% restaurants and pubs with more to open later this year. so the city is looking at everything from a moratorium on new restaurants to what's called passive discouragement reinstating parking fees that were dropped during the recession. >> if you get a downtown that's only focused on restaurants, it really doesn't have the vibrancy and the interest for people to come and shop and eat
6:22 pm
and really have that ideal downtown experience. >> reporter: that's more than a mouthful to restaurant-goers. >> it was a quiet community and nobody likes change. >> reporter: and restaurant owners who would like to stick a fork into the idea. angelo owns three downtown eateries. >> i don't understand how you can differentiate whether you're selling hamburgers or trinkets at a retail stop. you're still doing good for the economy bringing business into the community and doing well for the people in the community. >> reporter: too much of a good thing? it's the kind of problem a lot of communities wish they had. in campbell, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> since 2007, nonfood retail space has dropped from 30% down to 23% in campbell. ten companies are doing it and now a major hospital is, too. kaiser' big
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
oakland's kaiser permanente is making a huge investment in going green. it says that its hospitals and offices pump more than 800,000
6:25 pm
tons of greenhouse gases into the air every year. and it wants to cut that by 1/3rd by the year 2017. kaiser has signed some deals to get half of its electrical power in california from renewable sources. tech companies are taking away the hassle of going to the grocery store. michelle griego reports a wave of delivery services promises to give you the ingredients you need on demand. >> reporter: england does it all. >> so i shop, i deliver, i bag the groceries. >> reporter: she is one of 4,000 personal shoppers for instacart a mobile app that lets users grocery shop from their smartphones. you just punch in the zip code, select your items and delivery time and shoppers deliver everything to the door in as little as an hour. >> is massive convenience and we are having a baby and we'll use it more. >> reporter: they are going head to head with same-day delivery services from tech giants like amazon and google. but since it's not affiliated
6:26 pm
with one grocery store brand, customers can get more variety. industry analysts say uber success has sparked the growth of on demand mobile services. >> i think it's the race to getting customers what they want immediately. >> reporter: and like uber, instacart shoppers are independent contractors. england works part time and says she get paid per order or percentage of the bill. >> i set my own schedule and it's flexible. >> reporter: michelle griego, kpix 5. coming up in the next half- hour, health officials on alert about an deadly bacteria. >> the outbreak at one of the world's top hospitals. it has doctors saying the superbug may have spread. >> and only on "5", this dog was almost someone's dinner until a bay area woman intervened. tonight, the movement to change a chinese tradition. >> and be nice or uber drivers may refuse to pick you up. we uncover a secret rating
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nearly 200 patients potentially exposed to a deadly bacteria. hospitals are on alert. the superbug outbreak at a southern california hospital is raising concerns about sanitary practices. the general public is not at risk but as cbs reporter teri okita shows us, several hundred patients are after medical tools were not completely cleaned. >> reporter: officials are watching the antibiotic- resistant superbug linked to the death of at least two people at ronald reagan ucla medical center. >> the symptoms were immediate. patients developed fever, chills and severe infections sepsis right after undergoing the procedure. >> reporter: five others have been infected and nearly 200
6:31 pm
other patients may have been exposed to the deadly bacteria called cre and are being watched. >> if these bacteria get into the bloodstream of a patient, um, up to half of those patients will die from these infections. >> reporter: ucla says two contaminated endoscopes used primarily in gall bladder and liver procedures are linked to the outbreak which was discovered last month. doctors say the bacteria spread during endoscopic procedures between last october and this january. the hospital says it sterilized the scopes according to the manufacturer standards. but the intricate design makes them difficult to clean. >> we have introduced a new process that's more stringent than what the manufacturer originally had given us based on fda standards. >> reporter: the cdc says it has connected previous superbug outbreaks to the same type of equipment. olympus the manufacturer of the devices used at ucla says it is
6:32 pm
cooperating with health agencies. teri okita for cbs news, los angeles. >> the fda is warning hospitals that drug-resistant bacteria can linger on the endoscopes even after they have been sterilized. but the fda is not pulling the device from the market. activists are using lunar new year to pressure china to ban the dog and cat meat trade. a rally in union square in several is one of several around the country today. organizers say there isn't a huge appetite for the meat but how it's acquired is a bit disturbing. they say pets are often stolen and shoved into tiny cages before being slaughtered. >> the government has animal protection law because we believe that modern society have to have animal protection law and also to [ indiscernible ] because [ indiscernible ] negative image for chinese government. >> they are circulating an online petition to send to the governor and san francisco mayor ed lee and they would
6:33 pm
like them to pressure china. a little dog in the bay area helped inspire the anti- dog meat movement. kpix 5's cate caugiran has her story. >> reporter: her name is do a do a and she is one lucky dog. >> she made it over. it was a long journey. >> reporter: two years years ago she was a test dog at a school in china. when they were finished with her she was about to be sold for meat. >> she was probably a day away from being sold to a butcher and eaten. >> reporter: but good fortune shined upon her. >> we are at a turning point. >> reporter: thanks to this woman. she spotted the dog looking out a small window at the school. when she heard the dog was about to be butchered she bought the dog then brought her first by bus then by plane back to the bay area. she now lives with her best friend boomer and east bay attorney. eating dog meat is legal in
6:34 pm
china but it's unregulated and some say unsafe. a growing number of animal lovers in klein and taiwan believe it's just plain brutal. >> for all the people in china who are actively fighting against this, we stand with them. >> reporter: many of the dogs appear to be stolen pets. some are still wearing their collars as they are stuffed into small crates to be shipped to the butcher. in june, 10,000 dogs are slaughtered for a traditional festival. >> she is in a very small minority of dogs to take it out alive. >> california is a sister state to a town in china which accounts for about 40% of the dog meat trade. medical marijuana dispensary owners marched into vallejo city hall to try to pay their taxes. the city has refused to accept pot club taxes ever since the city council voted to shut down the bullets. that was in january. dozens of people stood on the steps of city hall in protest
6:35 pm
of the shutdown. >> we're not putting up with this unfair harmful abuse anymore! we will not be banned or shut down without a political fight. >> they called upon the mayor to stop fighting medical cannibis. but instead, take the tax money from the businesses and spend it on infrastructure in the city. just because you call for an uber doesn't guarantee a ride. tonight julie watts showings us the app's secret ratings system and what it takes to get blacklisted. >> reporter: she relies on a 3 a.m. cup of coffee to get her going and a ride from uber to get her to work by 4:00. but that ride suddenly became less reliable when uber drivers all but stopped picking her up. >> i'm late. >> reporter: the early-morning tv news producer first thought there was something wrong with her uber app. >> 15 seconds to air. >> reporter: then she soon discovered she couldn't get a ride because some uber drivers thought there was something wrong with her. >> i asked a driver what was
6:36 pm
going on. and he basically told me i had a really low uber rating under 3 out of 5. >> reporter: like many, she had no idea uber drivers rate riders and decide who to pick up based on that score. you know your uber rating? >> i have no idea. >> i don't think i could see it. >> i don't know what that means. >> reporter: not surprising, since riders can't see their score unless they ask an uber driver. uber says feedback is a two-way street meant to curb disrespectful threatening or unsafe behavior. but that feedback doesn't include any details. only a score. so riders like emily are left to guess why theirs is so low. >> he asked me if i had done something to a drive, if i puked into a which i haven't. >> reporter: she suspects because she is not so perky on her 4 a.m. rides into work getting up on headlines and emails instead of chatting with the driver. >> i feel really judged that i
6:37 pm
was blacklisted for not being friendly. >> reporter: drivers have no way to dispute the score so emily is determined to improve hers on her own. >> can you see what anyone has written about me? >> no. >> reporter: she is being uber friendly to every uber driver she meets. >> 4.5. >> reporter: and it seems to be working. >> all the drivers were really sympathetic. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. >> well, to find out your score you can ask a driver. but they only see a number with no explanation. don't puke in one of their cars. uber says it's exploring ways to show riders their rating in the next generation of her app. >> did you see how hard emily was trying? >> i'm thinking about all these cab drivers trying to make a buck and people turning business down? i don't get it. whatever. still ahead, walmart giving employees a pay bump. what it could mean for customers of the big box stores. >> and it's changed the way we look at the
6:38 pm
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the country's largest employer says it's about to make a big investment in its workforce. walmart is spending $1 billion to change the way that it pays and trains its hourly staff. it's trying to shed its image as a company that only offers deadened jobs. walmart says that within the next six months it will give raises to half a million of its workers or about 40% of its workforce. >> i work hard and i get noticed. i get -- only thing i really want is a pat on the back and thanks for all the hard work. >> there you go. walmart is following the lead of other national retailers including ikea and gap which both raised their minimum wages in the past year. software that changed how
6:41 pm
we view and edit photos turned 25 years old today. adobe photoshop first hit store shelves on this date back in 1990. the software is used to not only create logos, but manipulate photos. besides touchups and fixes, it's frequently used for jokes. thus the term photoshop was born. the creator thought it would sell 500 copies in a month. never knew it would become a household item. sea lions stranded along the california coast. coming up, they are in trouble. >> it is a breezy 45 breezy 55 degrees on treasure island. view is excellent, marine layer summer-like but it's only february. let's find out if we can get some rain in this seven-day forecast. i'll have it coming up in four
6:42 pm
minutes. >> i'm larry king. where in the world is vern glenn? >> hockey night? in santa clara. where we're lacing 'em up for the stadium series. don't move. >> sticking with levis narrative, what did the 49ers head coach say in his second press conference? >> good afternoo
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we are following the kidnapping escape out of the north bay. tonight the latest on a horror story that happened in santa rosa. i'll have that story and more on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. scientists think they know why this year's baby sea lions are struggling. the pups are starving way underweight. the reason, water in the ocean is as much as 8 degrees warmer than normal in some spots. because of that, the mothers are not eating right and cannot nurse their pups. there's no fish in those warm waters. more than 500 of them are being treated up and down the coast.
6:46 pm
nearly 200 of them at the marine mammal center in marin county. >> at what point, though, will you reach capacity at the current rate of bringing animals in? >> yeah, well, i don't see us hitting capacity anytime soon because we are going to be able to release animals. >> they are given a special mix of herring and fish oil that are force-fed to the pups. most of them survive and are returned to the wild. time now for a look at weather. paul deanno is live for us tonight at treasure island. paul. >> reporter: yeah. it's brisk out here. 15-mile-per-hour breezeway current air temperature of 55. we got you talking about the warmer-than-normal ocean water in monterey bay. the ocean this month has hit 60 degrees several times. the average ocean temperature this time and the average bay temperature is somewhere in the mid-50s. we are in the low 60s in the pacific ocean. that's just strange that this time of year we would be that warm. of course, remember last summer, it was in the mid- to upper 60s because we didn't see
6:47 pm
that widespread upwelling. so things are just a little out of whack when it comes to weather so far this winter. picture of levi's stadium off in the distance, lights are on getting ready for hockey there. temperatures are falling rapidly. oakland down 8 degrees in the past hour currently 57. san jose down 7 degrees in the past hour, you're at 57. santa rosa didn't really clear out for you today 54 degrees currently, and san francisco a brisk and now cloudy 54 degrees. overnight tonight, low cloud cover returns again fourth straight night. san francisco only dropping three more degrees down to 51. santa rosa 46. concord 47. san rafael 49. there is a ridge of high pressure building. we have been watching a ridge to the south give us this onshore flow. and kind of a summer-like pattern. a ridge will build to the north that will give us milder weather tomorrow and saturday because we'll have more sunshine. less of that marine layer as the atmosphere dries out. on sunday we'll see another temperature change as we get some arctic air making down to california. it won't be cold but it certainly will be chilly.
6:48 pm
so low clouds already on the way back tonight. but by tomorrow morning, mid- morning, the sun will be out and most of us will get mainly sunny skies tomorrow afternoon, the coast being the exception. weekend is dry. every day is dry it seems but the weekend will be dry with warmer weather on saturday, drier weather coming up on sunday. but also, cooler weather on sunday as that arctic air comes down from canada. highs tomorrow still running above average anywhere from five to seven degrees. santa clara your high 68 degrees. right along the coastline a little cooler and cloudier pacifica only 60 and morgan hill 70 degrees. danville you hit 66 tomorrow. livermore 69 degrees. pittsburg 71 with ample sunshine for you. sonoma 71 degrees for your friday. richmond 67. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine san leandro 66. saint helena 76 degrees. and ukiah 71. temperatures will swing a little bit coming up in the seven-day forecast. but we will stay dry.
6:49 pm
monday morning in the upper 30s away from the water. so we stay dry for the next seven days. you may wonder when is the next chance of rain? it looks like two weekends from now at the earliest will be the next time that we see any rain here in the ba
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
former 49ers quarterback alex smith told me last weekend that he thought that jim tomsula will be a great head coach for the 49ers. obviously tomsula's introduction wasn't so great. >> are we shaking hands? >> oh, yeah. >> sure. >> pull the plug. >> that was the last time we heard from the new head coach until today. tomsula is in indianapolis for the nfl combine and was much more comfortable behind the mic. >> good afternoon. we'll try this again. when i'm up here i have to watch my manners and watch my language and try to make sure that, um, that i'm nice and polite. so, um, that's -- that's, what, um, that's what i have to get
6:53 pm
better at. bobby sure did have my practice. as a matter of fact, i have this in the wrong place. it's supposed to be down here so it's not in my nose. >> bobby is bob lange the pr director. while tomsula is in indy the nhl is putting the finishing touches on levi's stadium for saturday night's game outdoor game between the sharks and kings. even the great one wayne gretsky is jacked out of his mind. >> you get the sharks and you got the kings outdoor levi's stadium. who do you like? >> you know what? i just hope it doesn't rain. because i think the people are going to truly enjoy the game. we have come a long way since 1993 with the sharks and kings and ducks. probably 65,000 people and outdoor game known would have thought that 30 years ago that that could happen in san jose area. >> wayne gretsky told me he is not going to be at the game so he is not going to be there to test out the ice. we're known by a man known as
6:54 pm
fred astaire on ice. vern glenn. vern, how's the ice? is it fast, is it slow? how's the atmosphere out there? >> reporter: the atmosphere is pretty good, dennis. i must admit. are we making television histories? a kpix 5 brother on stage on the ice right here' levi's stadium. i mean, this is great! we are the first ones to get on even before the players and -- and -- and -- and check this out dennis as i'm going blue line to red line, we have gone through traffic on media skates -- this is what 20,000 gallons of water will bring and about 3,000 gallons of colored paint and nhl rink right on the 50- yard line here at levi's stadium. >> vern, can you try a triple lutz? >> you really want to start working weekends, is that it, dennis? [ laughter ] vern, i have some pretty good entertainment in
6:55 pm
between periods, right? john fogarty and melissa etheridge. this is entertainment, too,. >> reporter: it sure is. i mean, they brought in a whole bunch of foliage and shrubs. they have a waterfall in here. it's aesthetically when the kings and sharks drop the puck on saturday night. these are the sweaters that the sharks will be wearing especially for the saturday night game. got a little patch right there on the side. >> vern, do me a favor. just try one jump. real quick. >> or do a turn. >> okay. all right. here we go. >> whoo. >> he stuck it. >> he stuck it. >> oh!! >> so good. >> i don't know what that was. but -- >> vern, keep doing your thing we may come back. okay? first i have to tell you about -- >> okay. >> i don't think there's a technical term for just what happened. >> we'll just call it the vern.
6:56 pm
>> the vern. >> the vern. before the nba trade deadline today the warriors standing pat as klay thompson why would we make moves we only have nine losses as he put it. yahoo reported green is interested in playing for his hometown pistons. green will be restricted free agent this summer which means the warriors can match any offer. >> yeah. you know i have a agent who get a percentage of, you know, whatever i sign for. you can ask him about contract if you want to. >> what you gonna do? >> "show me the money"! >> were you surprised when that story hit? >> the agent who get a percentage of the contract i sign. he might have -- >> going new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! [theme music playing] steve: ha ha ha. [cheering and applause] steve: all right. how y'all? thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. got a good one for you today. folks returning for their second day. from the windy city chicago, illinois, it's the patel family! [cheering and applause] and from jacksonville, flori-- no. jacksonville, alabama, it's the duncan family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a head-turning ford fusion hybrid. right there. [cheering and applause] let's go! give me vivek.
7:00 pm
give me angie! [theme music playing] here we go, guys. we got top 8 answers on the board. name an occasion for which you might wear your lucky underwear. angie. >> in a race. steve: in a race. audience: whoo! >> graduation. steve: graduation. [buzz] >> play, play, play. >> we're gonna play. play. [cheering] steve: ha ha. [steve chuckling] hi, angie. >> hi, steve. steve: ok. way to find out what's going on. where are you from again? jacksonville alabama? >> yes, we are. part of us. my mother today has passed away 20 years ago. full-blooded


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